How to Spend a Year Traveling Abroad After Graduation

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GraduationLet’s assume that you want to travel and work abroad but you’re loaded down with a large student debt. There some great options out there for working abroad from working in a cheap hotel in Vancouver to being an English teacher in Shanghai.  Why not consider one of these 5 jobs that can be had overseas more or less easily, and in many cases without need for a work visa.


If you already have some kind of teaching degree, you can probably find work anywhere and in anything, especially in countries where a western primary education is like a university degree. Otherwise, if it’s English teaching you’re considering, you can find jobs all over the globe. English teaching is usually better paid and easier to get if you have some kind of certificate like the TEFL or CELTA, but you should know that it’s not always a requirement. Teaching can get you in close with locals and their circumstances, and away from generic tourist mayhem. Imagine a prolonged stay in Shanghai teaching, or in Buenos Aires. The destinations are that diverse.

Tour Guide

Abbie The Tour Guide

Tour Guide by garryknight

If you speak more than one language, or even if you just speak English, wangle a job as a tour guide. Search travel sites and guidebook sites for specific opportunities, but know that your best bet is to already be in the country where you’re looking to work. As a tour guide you can make a good amount of money, and in many cases you make more than teachers, depending on tips.

Working in Hostels

Hotels and Hostels all over the planet are always looking for ways to lower their costs. Many international backpacker hostels offer guests work in exchange for a room, and sometimes board. If you’re lucky you might find paid work in hotels & hostels. Many properties have websites where you can find work opportunities. Have a look on to see if any of the properties float your boat then try to find them on the net and contact them directly before you go but in the big cities it usually isn’t difficult to find work.

Ski Instructor

Ski Instructor by FourTwentyTwo

This option is somewhat unfair for those of you who don’t know how to ski. But it that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a chair lift operator or ski rental technician. Often, ski resorts hire foreigners to man their equipment. These opportunities are particularly attractive to those socialites out there, since often you share a room or building with dozens of like-minded adventurers.

Au Pairs or Volunteering

Nannies are in high demand across the glob and volunteering opportunities are always available. WWOOFing, the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms, is a superb organization, which will just cost you the price of the country guide. If you like to get your hands dirty on farms, it’s for you. Otherwise, being an au pair is a great way to use the language every day, have food and board paid for and in some cases even make a healthy buck. Always remember to look at the fine print under volunteering opportunities, because sometimes room and board isn’t covered.

All in all these are just a few of the many different options, but they’re common and practical to conceive. What are you waiting for?

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