Meet Plan Go Event Kicks Off Your Travel Sabbatical

There are a lot of super easy things you can do with yourself – go to the beach, read a romance novel, eat a hamburger – but traveling the world for an extended period of time is not one of them. And since there’s probably a large contingent of people unsatisfied with the super easy things in life (you know who you are), there has been a day set aside for them.

This year, that day is October 16th.

It’s the day when the most deliberate of travel enablers, the hardworking people behind Meet Plan Go!, once again share the secrets of how to do extended travel without marring your non-traveling life, perhaps even changing it forever.

Meet Plan Go! was created by two travel champions: Sherry Ott and Michaela Potter, a couple of former 9-to-5ers who decided that corporate ladders are simply not as important as you were led to believe. They soon came back to tell people that taking a break from them may be the best thing you ever did.

Meet Plan Go!

For the the forth year in a row Meet Plan Go! again hosts a big nationwide event where real life “career breakers” get together in various cities around the U.S. to talk about their own sabbaticals, how they found the wherewithal to take them, and various other aspects of the process.

One of the cool features of this year’s event is what they’re calling “break out groups”:

From Sherry:

Each event will have break out groups (led by travel experts/bloggers) around specific travel topics, so no matter where they are in their travel planning process, they can get answers.  It’s as if their favorite travel blogs come to life and they can ask people questions right there on the spot!

Sample break out groups are (varied by city):

  • preparation checklists
  • packing tips
  • saving money for travel and while traveling
  • finding volunteer opportunities
  • planning an itinerary with your career in mind
  • choosing the right insurance
  • how to find local experiences when you travel

Our real goal is to help people meet other travelers in their own city.  In-person connections and building support groups are the most powerful way to help someone achieve their goal.

There are ten cities this year to host the MPG! event so one is bound to be near you. Take charge of your future and do something your future self would hug you for.

As one attendee from last year said:

This was a fantastic event! It made me realize that long-term travel is a completely realistic goal and that I have amazing company also doing the same.

Once you attend, don’t forget to come back to and plan your itinerary with TripPlanner. It’s one of the best travel experiences you’ll have, and before your trip even starts!

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