3 Travel Planning Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

It may be hard to accept that with the recent proliferation of travel planning websites it’s actually become more difficult to find a good one, but it stands to reason the more choices one has, the harder it is to choose between them.

When it comes to RTW travel planning, yes, there are hundreds of sites. The evolution of the modern Internet and the attention developers have placed on making them beautiful and easy to use has brought a thrilling plethora but also a potential paralysis when trying to decide where to start out.

I’ve reviewed fancy travel websites in the past and today I’m coming back with another short list of sites that are uncompromisingly helpful if you’re looking to figure out what to do when you arrive at your first destination.

I should mention that none of these sites asked to be reviewed or paid money to be here, just sites I found to be useful for those in the trip planning process.


Are you still schlepping around big ugly guidebooks? Well, the nostalgia you feel toward your beloved tomes may be coming to an end – Triposo is here to change your opinion.

Though they do have a lovely website the best use of Triposo’s information comes with their smartphone app: a selection interactive travel guides in destinations around the world right in your phone.

Currently they have guides for over 8000 destinations with more than 250,000 individual places available to their users. According to their about page they scrape data from legitimate travel sources around the web to be parsed through their application automatically.

The best part of the app is that it works without needing to access the Internet, so the only thing that gets tapped is your battery (no roaming charges). Searches bring up suggestions for travel activities like dining, drinking, exploring museums and attractions all based on things like location data, time of day and year, even weather.

Other talents include travel logs, places to publish and share your itinerary and to store pictures you’ve taken. The best thing? Well, it’s 100% free.


Mygola is a travel planning site that goes beyond automated, web-scraped data mining. They take your query, process it, and pass it on to actual human beings (gasp) who contextualize your planning questions to help you find answers. It starts with your question and uses sourced information on the web analyzed by human employees acting as personal assistants to help you personalize the data.

Confused? The main thing to understand is that the results of your query are not automatically generated but pared down with the human touch to be specifically angled towards your needs.

Because there are mouths to feed living behind the application, Mygola is not free to use, but there are several payment plans to choose from – from per trip to per year.


A super fun user-interface greets the casual surfer to Tripomatic.

Currently covering thirteen destinations in Europe (they say they’re planning on adding “all the major holiday destinations in the world”) Tripomatic lets people personalize their holiday travel and for those destinations not yet available in their main map they have secondary city activity maps you can play around with and get information.

The website itself is a bit of a memory drain (it slows down a bit when using it) but overall the tool is handy if looking for things to do in Europe. Check back early next year for more city and region updates!

Want more travel planning website recommendations? The AirTreks main planning guide has a bunch more.

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