Two New Airlines Nonstop to Athens – SkyGreece and Rouge Airlines

Sure Greece hasn’t had and easy time managing their finances of late, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful of a place to go on a round the world ticket, nor does it mean the airline industry has written it off. On the contrary. Over the course of the last month two brand spanking new airlines, SkyGreece and Rouge, have been announced and are making Greece a priority.

And pack your bags Canucks, both operate out of Canada.

Skygreece website

SkyGreece, newly christened and dedicated to the Aegean region, is based in Toronto (not Greece) and announced non-stop service to Athens starting summer 2013, with four cities in North America as their departure points: Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and New York.

This is exciting for Grecophiles considering the pent up demand for direct flights between North America and Greece after  Olympic Airlines’ faded from the scene naught two years ago.

There isn’t much to see with SkyGreece yet beyond their simple website and a Facebook page but it definitely feels legit and certainly welcomed by those that book round the world travel. AirTreks will surely be looking to them for flights to the Aegean.

Announced last week, Rouge Airlines is Air Canada’s new lost-cost carrier. According to a press release they’ll be launching flights from its hub in Toronto to “fun holiday destinations” in the Caribbean, Venice, Edinburgh and yes, Athens.

Air Canada Rouge Airlines

If helping people to Greece wasn’t enough, Rouge will also “be the first in Air Canada’s fleet to use a new wireless in-flight entertainment system. Streaming “stored content to personal laptops and other electronic devices.”  So yay, for technology and yay for Air Canada getting on board with low-cost flight solutions to the economically-challenged nation of Greece.

Look for both SkyGreece and Rouge to launch in the summer of 2013, coming to AirTreks round-the-world itineraries soon after.

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