Don’t Travel Without Your Onward Ticket

onward ticketAround the world travel is a wonderful way to learn about the world in which you live, but it can also be a complicated beast.

One of the potential messes prevalent in multi-stop travel comes in the form of the onward ticket. For those attempting to book your flights as you travel, be warned: failing to consider this could amount to an expensive nightmare upon airport check-in.

An “onward ticket” by definition is proof before boarding you’ll be leaving the country after you arrive.

The protocol is used extensively in countries that have had long-standing problems with undocumented residents and groups of people coming to work illegally, historically a huge drain on those country’s resources.

But for leisure travelers, it presents problems when they don’t know, or don’t want to know, exactly when they’ll be leaving a place before they get there.

The stakes have just gotten higher.

Recently the AirTreks staff, upon browsing Timatic, became aware of a rule that could very well present problems for travelers showing up the airport without onward tickets, in this case traveling from the USA to Lima, Peru.

The following message was created by TACA Airlines:


The strong language leads one to believe that they will in fact be enforcing the onward ticket protocol and denying boarding to those that do not have proof of onward travel.

Be advised that these messages are indicative to many, if not most, airline Timatics.

While onward tickets are not always demanded it can amount to an expensive problem if they are and you don’t have one – it will require you to buy a brand new ticket on the spot.

Booking an around the world ticket with AirTreks keeps this problem at bay because you’ll always have proof of travel at some point later in your trip.

Take advantage of the AirTreks around the world ticket service – the money you save could be your own!

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