Prizes on the AirTreks Facebook Page!

I’m not sure if everyone caught it but a couple weeks ago we had a nice promotion going on our Facebook page: everyone who became a fan received a free $150 coupon to use toward the purchase of their very own AirTrek:

The promo ended with a bang and its success was measured by the armful of new fans that came into the fold. My thanks goes out to everyone who participated.

Then I received a message from a fan who’s been with us for years wondering why we gush over new fans but not the loyal ones.

I then decided it was time to show some love to the fans who’ve been with us all the way – in the form of a series of giveaways for our regular Facebook community.

All this week (starting April 22, 2013) we’ll be handing out travel related goodies to folks who comment on a series of status updates.

The gifts will range from travel accessories to books to music. One new prize each day – five chances to win. (And by the way, the odds usually end up very good!)

Each day at 11:30am Pacific Time we’ll announce the day’s prize and at 4pm will pick the winner at random.

Head on over to our Facebook page to see what’s on tap for the day! Good luck!

AirTreks Facebook

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