Travel Website of the Week: Tripping

Note: this is not a sponsored post. Just a personally recommended resource for our blog readers and savvy AirTreks customers.

There were times when travelers had to do all sorts of unpleasant things to find accommodations on a multi-destination trip: flip through pamphlets, pickup telephones, actually talk to people. The horror!

These days the Internet has rescued us from such tediousness – if of course you can find a good website on which to do it.

For you that website may be

Tripping has all but removed the need to search around and wonder whether you’re getting the most unique and best located non-hotel property in which to lay your head.

As a short term and vacation rental metasearch platform, a sort of “Kayak for Airbnbs”, Tripping has developed what may be the most intuitive search tool for peer-to-peer home and apartment sharing ever built.

The search engine takes personally entered parameters and automatically skims a (surprisingly large) selection of partners dealing in privately-owned rentals and accommodations, searches by way of a series of controllable filters for their best listings and puts them all together in a quite beautiful presentation for you to peruse and even book.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means you have to work a whole lot less to find yourself a place to stay that’s not the same sterile hotel room as you’re used to. It also means you’ll likely spend less money on that place too, since the tool automatically looks at services you may not know to check if you were doing it on your own.

tripping screenshot1

Tripping’s London rental search page

Tripping has been working on their service since 2010, starting out as a community to bring travelers and locals together, their rentals search platform coming along less than two years later and since becoming their core focus. With that focus, along with its social angle Tripping is now a force to be reckoned with in their niche.

But the Tripping community pages haven’t been forgotten next to its for profit model. Au contraire. It remains a great resource for travelers to meet travelers and also locals along the byways of their members’ 175+ resident countries.

For me, Tripping is the end-all short term rental resource, one that couldn’t be more helpful to the average AirTreks client, the kind of people who might stay a little longer, travel a little slower and who want an experience that brings a more local aesthetic, one that’s so rare to find when you just set up shop in a city hotel.

Tripping’s listing pages and their hypergregarious community are reasons alone wander on over to their site and take their search engine for a spin. It may be possible to set yourself up with a locally inspired homestay or bike ride, walking tour, or night out with a local in each destination on your multi-stop round-the-world journey.
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