Website of the Week: TravelNerd

Even with the TSA hang-ups, the cattle-calls, all the other people, the act of taking a flight is not terribly hard. You show up, you wait, you fly.

What can be difficult though is the logistics of getting to and from the airports, navigating the miles of corridors and counters and actually finding what you’re looking for.

Recently launched travel startup TravelNerd wants to make your flying day easier by solving some of these problems for you, especially if you’ve never been to the airport in front of you.

This site can be especially helpful for anyone taking a round the world trip (aka, AirTrekkers) since the airports you visit will usually be quite foreign, where simple pleasures like enjoying a cup of coffee or a solid WiFi signal can seem like utterly impossible tasks.

If user-friendliness could be all in your face, TravelNerd would be that site. With a few well placed clicks, their website’s minimal and intuitive experience offers such useful information as airport shuttle booking services, costs and links, WiFi locations, even pet relief areas if they actually exist, along with maps, restaurant listings and lounges among a variety of other things.


The overview page for Paris, Charles de Gaulle.

With over 50 domestic and international airports already represented and dozens more in the works this service will only get better as time goes on. It’s one of the most accessible airport navigation and information tools on the web right now and really, you should be using it.

TravelNerd is part of the well-situated Nerd Wallet family of sites – impeccably designed, high quality, high impact, and genuinely useful Internet fare.

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They also have an iOS app that looks really good. (Android coming soon we hope!)

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