Best Travel Websites Everyone Should Know About (and use)

best travel websites

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Ah, the 21st century. It doesn’t seem possible we made it through the stone ages of the nineties without the online conveniences we currently have. But we did, and now here’s a list of the best travel websites to use as tools to enhance your trip, as a modern international traveler.

Make your traveling life, and your nerves, a little easier and bookmark these essential travel websites:

To And From The Airport

The best site out there for, you guessed it, getting to and from airports. There’s a ton of info here like airport distances, prices, public transportation schedules, taxi fares, private transfers and telephone numbers for as many airports as you can possible think of (really!).

It lacks the design aesthetic of a slick travel startup, but it makes that up in sheer usefulness. If you fly, this site is invaluable.

to and from the airport

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Seat 61

Everything trains! From schedules to fares to cabin descriptions to photos, the Web’s best site for train info in countries around the world.

Luggage Limits

Never scour an airline website again looking for baggage allowances.  All the details you’ll ever need for flight specific baggage info. Just type your airline and airports, hit search and rejoice at the time and money you save.

Over 100 airlines in the mix.

luggage limits

Travel Etiquette

An essential guide to how best to mind your manners all over the world, for business and leisure travelers alike. From body language to conversation to dining – the faux pas is now a thing of the past.


One Bag

The definitive packing website. No packing list really comes close. Pack light, save your strength for more important things, like traveling.


Can I Drink the Water

A site that could save your health, your gut and your fortitude.  Search for every country you’re visiting on your trip and plan accordingly. They of course remind you, “It is always a good idea to have travel insurance on any trip – better safe than sorry!”

And then perhaps pick up a SteriPEN.

can I drink the water

Trip Wolf

A super slick and modern destination guide with tons of great advice for the savvy traveler in each of us.

Google Search

You may not have realized the power of your very own Google search bar. It really is a great traveler’s tool. By typing what’s in the brackets below you can:

  • Check Flight Status: [BA 51]
  • Get weather forecasts for any city: [weather London]
  • Do currency conversions: [100usd to eur]
  • Do unit conversions: [50 km to m], [25C to F]
  • Get local time anywhere: [Time Beijing]
  • Get business addresses, directions, reviews, hours of operation etc: [Angelina Paris] [Uffizi Gallery Florence] [reclining buddha Bangkok]
  • Translate: [translate hello to Thai]
  • Get maps for any place or attraction [map Angkor Wat]
  • Get sunrise/sunset times: [sunset Maui] [sunrise Taj Mahal]
  • Search for images for any place on earth
  • Street views for guided directions in pretty much every city on earth

Don’t forget the Google World Wonders Project! Let’s you tour virtually the Wonders of the World with Google Street View imagery.

google weather


Legitimized by Google and the international press, you don’t even need followers to use it. There’s a LOT of super knowledgeable travel tweeters ready to shine light on virtually anything, anywhere. And they love to be asked questions.

Use the hashtag (#) along with what you’re interested in (e.g. #travel, #london, #walkingtours). Or else, read this basic guide to using Twitter.


Don’t forget about AirTreks if you’re thinking about an around the world or multi-destination trip in the future:

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Around the world trip planner

Several more websites for good measure:

Still want more? Check out AirTreks’ own Useful Links and Websites.

If you know of any other helpful travel reference sites, help your fellow readers and leave them in the comments section below!

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