Best Travel Value Destinations for 2016

Build a trip with all the best travel value location here.

By all financial indicators, 2016 is framing up to be a great year for international travel, especially for those with American Dollars in their wallets. However, there are some fantastic deals out there for Australian & Canadian Dollar travelers, as well as those with Euros.

If you’re interested in visiting some places that aren’t on most of the backpacker top 10 type lists, truly getting off of the beaten path, and having some amazing adventures while stretching your buck as far as you can, then you’re going to find some amazing bargains in unexpected places.

Here are four of the best deals in the world at the moment, be sure to follow the links for a total of forty recommendations, specific to your particular currency strengths.



Not on most people’s travel radar, right? And yet, it should be. This not-so-little country is on the list of Top 10 Best Value Locations for Euro Travelers for 2016. Why? Because the economy took a serious downturn this year which means that your money goes a lot further, and: it’s awesome.

Kazakhstan is stunning in some places, and stark in others. Explore Almaty, the capital and blaze your own train in this post-Soviet nation. You’ll be surprised to learn that this is one the most highly educated countries in the old Eastern Block. It’s the country that Russia used to launch it’s rockets into space, and the brain power remains.




Guys: Uruguay. Why haven’t you been there yet? It’s on the Top 10 Best Value Locations  for Australian Dollar Travelers for 2016, but it’s great for just about all of the first world currencies. This country might be one you have to scratch your head for a minute over and hunt down on the map, but it’s worth the effort.

Uruguay has some of the best beaches in the world. Montevideo, the capital, was recently named the city with the third highest quality of life in the world. The country is a birding paradise. And also: beaches. Did I say that already?




When I ask, “Where would you most like to go for an adventure this year?” I bet the response that leaps to your head is not Iran. But, think again: it’s on the Top 10 Value Locations for Canadian Dollar Travelers for 2016, but it’s also a great value for most other stronger currencies.

What’s great about Iran? The history: Persian history. Swoon. Art, culture, romance, the stories of Ali Baba and Scheherazade. The food. If you’re intimidated by the visa situation, there are numerous companies that you can arrange fully catered tours through that will worry about the details so you can be wowed by the country and her people.



I know, I know… you’ve heard it’s dangerous. But have you also heard that it’s getting safer? It’s listed in the Top 10 Value Locations for US Dollar Travelers for 2016 because it’s an up and coming destination for the intrepid traveler.

Check out the big cities of Bogota and Medellin. Have some outdoor adventures off the beaten path. Then be sure to hit the beach. Oh yes. The beaches of Colombia. That should be on your list this year.