Family Travel: Around The World And Back

Through travel, you find the sort of connection you could never find on a written page or in a lecture hall. It’s moments in real life with real people that lead to true understanding and true personal growth.

The idea of dropping your life and going on an around the world trip for two months with your family could seem like an impossible dream. For Amy Hachey, it was something she had been planning since she was 13 years old. And this fall, her dream came to life. Amy shared her experiences leading up to travel, but we wanted to hear from her what it was like on the other end of her trip.

We sat down for some real talk with Amy to find out what it like to return home after living the absolute dream of traveling the world.

What was the ultimate driver for you that made you want to take an around the world trip?

Traveling around the world has been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. It was important to me to show my kids different cultures, people, different sights, foods, climates, etc. To teach them that there are 101 ways to do anything, but to also see that we are all the same too, we are all people. People with needs, wants, dreams and desires.

There is no room for hate when you’ve laughed and cried with people you’ve met while traveling the world. You sat where they sat, you’ve eaten what they’ve eaten.

Was there anything that happened in your journey that you didn’t anticipate? 

I believe when taking a trip like this that you should minimize your expectations and just be open to enjoying the journey, embracing differences, and being comfortable in the uncomfortable. Why? Because that’s where the real magic is.

What was it like coming home from the trip? Do you feel settled back into your life or do you feel the pull to get back on the road?

It was an adjustment for sure to be home. Our minds and bodies kept expecting us to move to the next thing or next place for a couple weeks. We definitely feel the pull to get back on the road. In fact, this year I’m going to take each of my boys on an individual trip for 11 days in a location of their choice. Brayden has already picked Sri Lanka and so we are headed there the end of March. Tate is thinking a multi stop trip in Asia, and Zander is thinking New Zealand. This will give us individual time together and I’m excited to experience more of the world with my kids. I live by this statement…. It’s not what you leave your kids, it’s what you do WITH them before you go.

What was your favorite destination and why?  

Our favorite destination was India. Wow what a magical place. As much as it is dirty, it is even more amazing. It touches your soul and leaves an imprint forever. We all want to go back and experience more. The people of India are a gift to the world.

If someone was on the fence about taking a trip like yours, what would you tell them?

I’d say there is no fence… do it. It’s the absolute best thing I could have ever done for my kids! We were close before, now there is nothing that could touch our bond. We rubbed shoulders literally on planes, trains, automobiles, boats and hotel rooms for 64 days. If you can do that with your family, you can do anything. And guess what? We weren’t going to let anything ruin our trip of a lifetime. So we made it work and it was epic. 

It also taught us even more how to dream big, not to settle, that there are no limits, that people matter, that there are different ways to do the same thing, that the world is an amazing place, and that life and the people in it are truly beautiful!

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