Coronavirus and Impact on Travel

As a global company with colleagues and customers all over the world, the coronavirus, its media coverage, and its effect on the world are fresh on our minds as we consider how to manage risk.

AirTreks has been serving international travelers since 1987 and has seen many viruses and health scares affect travel and travelers’ mentalities.

With the coronavirus, many of our customers have reached out to us for our opinion on planning travel, making changes, and whether or not to stay the course on a purchased trip depending on their route and date(s).

As the Head Travel Servant at AirTreks, my recommendation is to make a decision that feels right for YOU and your own risk profile.

We are in regular contact with our current customers as well as with folks who are planning around the world trips and complex travel for 2020.

Some Considerations For Traveling and the Coronavirus

1) Officials recommend to avoid the Wuhan Province and China for the time being.

2) It’s up to you on whether to travel or not: we see folks actively planning trips to parts of the world that politicians and media sell fear on. Some people have changed plans, others have not. There is no one right way and we are here to consult with you and your family to help make the best decision.

3) This is not the first health scare we’ve seen. AirTreks successfully served travelers with situations like this before: 9/11, SARS, Bird Flu, MERS, Financial Crisis and more.

4) AirTreks is here to talk, plan, and evaluate your concerns no matter what. Reach out with any concerns or conversations you might like to have regarding travel: AirTreks Contact Information

In the meantime, here’s what US officials say as well as travel notices from US officials (avoid traveling to China for now).

There is evidence that this will pass with the flu season.

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Keep in mind, as the internet and media companies continue to grow and get you to “click”, it’s in their best interests to “sell this fear” to you so you come back to your screen and click, read, get scared, click, read, get scared. 

More engagement and clicks equal more revenue for media companies.  Scary news events can often be good for their bottom line.

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