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5 Great Around-the-World Itineraries

Classes have just started, fall is in the air and before you know it, a new year will be upon us. Every year around this time, AirTreks sees a bump of fresh interest in trips that travel around the world. A new era, new resolutions, all that rot. So, to help adventure seekers who’ve decided that this will be their year, we’ve compiled a list of 5 sample itineraries for an around the world trip that make use of some of our best prices and routes. We’ve created sensible RTW routes a couple of  times before and were met with great interest.

Every year, Lonely Planet releases their list of recommended destinations and since it’s, well, Lonely Planet and people seem to love them, we’ve used their picks as a basis for some of our routes. The Lonely Planet recommendations are listed in the routes below in orange.

Just remember that our trips are fully customizable, so the places you choose are ultimately up to you. These suggestions are just that, suggestions and should be used as starting points for your own trip ideas. Therefore arrange, combine or reduce to save as you wish.

Flying with AirTreks means the luxury of being able to go anywhere in the world, on any airline, in any direction.

RTW Trip 1

New York – Reykjavik – London- Overland to Manchester – Athens – Cairo – Delhi – overland to Calcutta –Mumbai – Bangkok – Beijing – New York

Ready-made RTW Route
AirTreks Special Value: USD $2,326 – $3101

A standard but attention-worthy RTW with equal parts Asia, Middle East and Europe, with a little Iceland thrown in for kicks. The best part about this trip is that there’s only one flight more than 6 hours long.

RTW Trip 2

Los Angeles – Rotterdam – Nairobi – overland to Dar Es Salaam – Johannesburg – overland to Cape Town – Chiang Mai – overland to Bangkok – Taipei – Los Angeles

Ready-made RTW Routes
AirTreks Special Value: USD $2,708- $3,611

A fantastic and exotic RTW that includes Southeast Asia, Africa and the Lonely Planet 2016 cities of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Cape Town, South Africa. Where else do you get to visit 3 new continents for $4000 or less?

RTW Trip 3

San Francisco – Hong Kong – Singapore – overland to Bangkok – Delhi – overland to Bangalore- Istanbul – Kotor – Vienna – overland to Paris – San Francisco

5 Ready-made RTW Routes
AirTreks Special Value: USD $1,765- $2,353

This trip gives you so much of India you’ll be craving curries for a month when you get back. The  number one city on the Lonely Planet top ten,  Kotor, Montenegro (nearest airport TIV) gets you moving slowly north and back to the US via some of the best spots in Europe. On this itinerary, you also may be eligible for a stopover in Los Angeles, London, or Dubai at no additional cost.

RTW Trip 4

Atlanta – Nashville – Vancouver – Shanghai – Kunming – Chiang Mai – overland to Bangkok – Rome – Frankfurt – overland to Brussels – Dublin – Atlanta

5 Ready-made RTW Routes
AirTreks Special Value: USD $3,090 – $4,160

This trip gives you three Lonely Planet-recommended cities, Nashville, Rome, and Dublin. And all for less hassle than booking with the Airline Alliances.

RTW Trip 5

Miami – Quito – Easter Island – Perth -Overland to Fremantle – Sydney – Saigon – overland to Bangkok – Madrid – overland to Seville and Casablanca – Miami

5 Read-made RTW Routes
AirTreks Special Value – USD $3,992 – $5,322

This route brings you through beautiful Quito, Ecuador, and Fremantle, Australia (nearest airport Perth) both cities on the Lonely Planet list, unique to travelers and below the radar for most tourists. You also may be able to add Los Angeles and Singapore to your trip at no additional cost.

* A note on price ranges: AirTreks prices are greatly affected by seasonality, passenger loads, and availability, so without knowing the date details about a specific trip it’s difficult to predict a single price. TripPlanner uses price ranges to give you the best idea of what a certain itinerary will cost. For more on how TripPlanner and price ranges work click here.

If these suggestions only whet your appetite, use our Trip Planner to explore your dream routes. you may find out that RTW travel is more affordable than you thought.

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Photo Credits: Prometheus72

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