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5 More Sensible Round-the-World Itineraries

Deciding where you go on your big adventure is probably the most difficult part of the planning process. It’s like washing your clothes – if you want clean clothes you have to do a little labor.

Since this is the month where people typically are in top planning gear, I’m putting 5 more on the table.

Don’t forget, AirTreks tickets allow travelers to visit any airport they choose. These are only suggestions that make for efficient and cost effective routes. Also, I’ve chosen NYC at random as a start and end point. AirTrekkers have the luxury of being able to start and end anywhere in the world without substantially effecting the price. Similarly, the direction traveled typically makes very little difference to the overall price. But time of year (aka seasonality) and travel dates do.

New York – Seoul – Beijing – overland to Shanghai – Bangkok – Istanbul – Prague – overland to Frankfurt – New York

TripPlanner price range: $2582 – $3563 including taxes/fees. For details on price ranges click here.

A simple Asia/Europe RTW, but with 5 stops and two great overland segments, there’s a lot to be discovered here. Tweak it with Xian or Kunming in China, a passage to Laos in SE Asia or Amsterdam in Europe without effecting the cost much.

New York – Hong Kong – Hanoi – overland to Saigon – Penang – Delhi – overland to Bombay – Athens – overland to Rome – New York

TripPlanner price range: $2392 – $3277 including taxes/fees

Above is a great SE Asia, India, Southeastern Europe fling. Tweak it with Cambodia, Brunei or Southern India for roughly the same prices.

New York – Taipei – Kuala Lumpur – overland to Bangkok – Nairobi – Paris – overland to London – Reykjavik – New York

TripPlanner price range: $2482 – $3400

This trip brings in Africa and Iceland to the mix. Add an overland to Dar es Salaam (while hitting Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti) for a similar rate.

New York – Los Angeles – Fiji – Auckland – Sydney – overland to Cairnes – Bali – Vienna – overland to Madrid – New York

TripPlanner price range: $3086 – $4228 including taxes/fees

A lot of mileage without the cost. Replace Fiji with Tahiti or Rarotonga for only a couple hundred dollars more. Also, how about Portugal, Barcelona or Bilbao. No problemo.

New York – Cartagena – Bogota – Lima – Sao Paulo – overland to Rio – Cape Town – Doha – Delhi – overland to Kathmandu – Bangkok – overland to Phuket – Hong Kong – San Francisco – New York

TripPlanner price range:  $4207 – $5763 including taxes/fees

This adventurer’s trip is truly affordable. The price is low for what you’re getting: a four continent two-hemisphere trip to some of the world’s coolest locations. Add a side trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu or Buenos Aires for a couple hundred dollars more. Tweak it by adding Jo’burg, Dubai, a Bombay to Nepal overland leg or Koh Samui in Thailand for very much the same price.

While there are a multitude of places to go, not all are going to be cost effective. Hopefully these will give you an idea of what you can do without sending your quote prices to lala land. And as always, you can price out your own custom trip on our TripPlanner app any time day or night. Or else call in to get a quote from one of our able Personal Travel Consultants. They love to help!

Happy planning!

Photo source: erix!

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