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5 Reasons to Travel on an Around the World Ticket

It allows you to maximize the size of the area you explore.

The real benefit of an around the world ticket is that you can include all or most of your wish-list destinations into one trip. You get additional places for less of an additional expense than taking separate trips to each place. In other words, you increase your value exponentially without exponentially increasing your costs.

It’s easier than it seems.

Setting up an around the world or multi-stop plane ticket is easier than it’s ever been in the history of the industry, and there’s plenty of options to help you plan and book the seats. Services like AirTreks take much of the anxiety out of booking seemingly complicated tickets.

Because it’s cheaper than roundtrips.

When you travel there and back more than once you are essentially doubling the amount of flying you need to do, and less flying means less money. Your mile-per-dollar ratio is cut in half, not to mention the extra time you’re saving doing it.

Because the world needs you.

Consider what happened to Thailand after the tsunami hit in 2004. It’s estimated that more than 120,000 people lost their livelihood because of the halted dollar flow into the area. Expand this to a global scale and we can see just what it means to local communities when travelers arrive.

Because you can.

The modern age allows for unprecedented comfort on both ultra-long and short-hop flights. Like never before we can sit in virtual luxury while traveling to undiscovered places. The opportunity, the resources and the wherewithal are on hand for trips like this, so what’s stopping you?

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