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A Journey Through Vietnam – Your Afternoon Video

Heavens to Betsy, I love a good travel video. Especially those that make you feel like you do when you’re actually traveling. This of course is not an easy task. Traveling is a multi-sensory experience, a complete immersion, and a travel video can give you what, two senses at best. But what it can also do is activate memory which is about as powerful a trigger as you can have.

As we travel we record snippets of things to remember later. It may be a group of men standing by a motorbike, a lady smoking a cigarette, or the side of a thickly forested hill, a cityscape. Travel isn’t the wide panning helicopter shots the tourism bureau would lead you believe, but the plant on the courtyard wall you’re gazing at after lunch. It’s adjusting the camera at your shoulder as you search for another angle, it’s the eyes of a pretty girl with a mysterious cultural history.

This video does a good job of activating memories, probably better if you’ve been to Southeast Asia, or best, Vietnam. Because we’re all travelers, right. And we were all once young. Ahem. And while this video may have overly gratuitous footage of the filmmaker’s travel partners (hey, it’s their film, they can be as narcissistic as they want) there’s also stunning footage of Vietnam, in tiny pieces, which I’m perfectly fine with.

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