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A Lonely Planet Inspired Round the World Trip for 2013

Last month, revered travel oracle Lonely Planet released their Best in Travel” top-10 list, the highly-regarded once-a-year destination throwdown. This list is widely considered to be the most influential compilation of places to visit at a given moment, taking into account things like beauty, price, and favorable economic, political and social conditions as reasons to go.

The beauty of this list is not just that it highlights unique destinations but also how well it translates into a perfect AirTreks round the world trip, one that you could actually do and enjoy tremendously.

Last year, I compiled a selection of round-the-world itineraries that used places in the Lonely Planet “Best in Travel” 2012. This year, since longer trips are becoming more popular, I’ll be using all 10 destinations in one trip (well 9, since one of the destinations will be the start/end point). It’s gorgeous.

This route will hit all the cities on 2013’s Best in Travel Top 10 List from Lonely Planet, finding the maximum efficiency and lowest price. If you’re struggling on where to go on that big round the world trip perhaps let the experts recommend a way around the world that stops at the best destinations of the here and now.

San Francisco – Montreal – London – Amsterdam – Addis Ababa – Hyderabad – Beijing – Hobart – Christchurch – Uguazu Falls, Argentina – San Francisco

If you’d like to rearrange, add or subtract anything or get a more accurate price, click on the image below to be taken to TripPlanner.

TripPlanner price
Above is AirTreks’ pricing solution. By submitting this trip through TripPlanner you’ll be put in touch with one of our personal travel consultants who can answer questions, tweak the route to your ultimate preference and guide you though the process.

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