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Best of the RSS – What’s on the web this week up with best information on the web can be difficult as balancing a pyramid of champagne flutes on a sword held between your teeth. To help in the act, here are the top travel posts I’ve been reading this week.

In no particular order:

  • A recent meme circulating the travel blogger community has been to give up three of their best travel secrets. This time it’s Backpacking Travel Destinations that lets the cat out of the bag.
  • Because local scammers know that travelers are the most vulnerable people on the street, the scams start coming before they even ask “where you from?”. In a country like India where there’s already an inherent chaotic element, it’s hard to separate the authentic from the insidious. Here’s a helpful post by The Planet D to help you navigate the ruffians.
  • A thoughtful and moving piece of writing from an experienced traveler after revisiting party paradise Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party 15 years after first going. The article moves with a grace and authenticity not often found. A long but captivating read.
  • Brazil is a giant, giant country. Really big. Two-thirds the size of the US, yet most people settle on  Rio and then say they know it. That’s like only going to New York and saying you know America. Here are 6 other places to go in Brazil that will knock your green and yellow socks off.
  • If you’re one to blindly rely on your dogeared copy of Lonely Planet South East Asia this may be the article for you. Jeffrey Patch of Have Pack, Will Travel has put together several useful and interesting tips on how to get by on the road without it.

And finally:

  • Guest poster Kyle on the Almost Fearless blog shows us how he keeps his life fabulous while living with a long term travelers budget.

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