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First AirTrek Ever Booked with Bitcoin

By Dale Vaughn, from AirTreks.

History was made this month when Simon Roca became the first person to ever book an AirTrek with Bitcoin.

We at AirTreks like to think of ourselves as a modern travel agency… a tech company that blends powerful search algorithms with authentic personal trip planning support. We converge the digital world with tangible world travel. We didn’t know if anyone would want to use Bitcoin, but we thought it was cool, so we worked hard to be able to accept it.

Just how cool is it?

This isn’t the first airplane ticket ever bought with Bitcoin, but we think it might be the most complex multi-stop ticket ever bought with Bitcoin.

“There are not many other travel companies like AirTreks, and likely fewer that accept Bitcoin,” said Justin Baker, who served as Simon’s trip planner. “This will be his first time to Europe and he is visiting some of my favorite European cities like Istanbul and Prague. He is also right at the age when traveling around Europe is the most fun. Brings back a lot of great memories from my early 20’s when I was (supposed to be) going to school and working in Europe for two years.”

Check out Simon’s AirTrek!

We reached out to Simon to learn more about him.

(Dale) You’re the first person to ever book an AirTrek – which is already for the most adventurous – with Bitcoin, do you consider yourself an adventurer in both the digital and real world?

(Simon) I do consider myself an adventurer. If I see an opportunity to further my development, I take it, even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone.

How did you get your Bitcoin?

I first began to experiment with crypto currencies this past September. I had worked the entire summer and was fortunate enough to be able to invest a small sum.

Is this the biggest thing you’ve bought with Bitcoin? If so, what would you tell others about flying with Bitcoin?

In terms of a direct purchase of a service or product from a company, yes. I would tell others that it is an excellent choice for payment if your cash is tied up with bills and expenses, but be sure to mitigate your bitcoin spending. Bitcoin will likely be 2-5X its current price in a few years so be sure to hold onto some for a rainy day.

What did it feel like to use a cryptocurrency to buy such an epic adventure?

It feels wonderful. I turned on my laptop, clicked a few buttons, and voila! My payment was accepted. It is exciting to see companies beginning to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Why did you choose to use Bitcoin?

I chose Bitcoin because it was convenient.

Any other new technologies you’re using on your trip?

Google maps is going to be my best friend, not to mention my girl Siri who recently became an expert translator.

How do you think cryptocurrencies and their markets will impact the world?

I could write a 30-page thesis on this question, but I’ll save us both some time and just say that the impact will be both positive and disruptive as we continue to incorporate cryptocurrency into our lives.

Connect with Simon on instagram @simonsrocaphotos.

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