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Five Incredible Around the World Itineraries for Less than $4000 (Including Tax)

Round-the-world travel isn’t as expensive or complicated as you might imagine. You’d be surprised how far you can go, and how much of the world you can see with an airfare budget of $4000.

We want to show you how far your travel dollars can take you, so we’ve assembled 5 sample trips with a few things in mind: price, efficiency, value and popularity of the destinations. These are in no particular order and all but one start in New York, for lack of a better starting point. Yours can start from wherever you are. If you happen to be in New York, you’re in luck! These prices will be very accurate.

*Just a note on price ranges: All TripPlanner trips have a price range (not a specific price). Since airfare prices differ depending on seasonality, passenger load and a host of other variables, a range is given. Nine times out of ten the final cost of your trip will fall within the TripPlanner range.

The $4000 budget used for the purposes of this post is a limit, not a starting point. So it’s very likely your trip will come in under the $4K ceiling.

For extra savings, try to travel in low season, and embrace stopovers and overland travel. Click on the maps to be taken to TripPlanner where you can recreate the routes below, tweak them, or create your own dream trip  and submit it to one of our Personal Travel Consultants.

New York – London – Mumbai  – Bangkok – Phuket – Hong Kong – Beijing – Los Angeles – New York


A simple yet thrilling jaunt around the world. As I’ve said in the past, the tinier your steps the more you get from your travels. This trip allows for a slow and steady march around bringing you to the most popular spots in the east starting your journey with afternoon tea (and everything else) in jolly old England.

Cost: From USD $2137 to 2849

New York – San Francisco – Hong Kong – Singapore –  Kuala Lumpur – Delhi –  Mumbai – Cairo – Istanbul – Athens – Vienna – Reykjavik – New York

Around the world airfare doesn't have to be complicated and overpriced

This is one of our favorites. And yes we’ll be envious of anyone who takes this trip. Starting out in our favorite U.S. city, San Francisco and bringing you to Asia, the Subcontinent, then delivering the best of Europe on a silver platter.

Cost: USD $2135 to 2846

New York – Rome – Cairo – Nairobi – Bangkok – overland to Koh Samui – Hong Kong – Seoul – New York

RTW flights for $4000 or less

Didn’t think you could get around the world with a stop in Africa for less than $4000? This trip proves that not only is it possible but you can get 6 other stops along with it. This trip keeps you close to the tropics, so feel free to leave that North Face parka at home.

Cost: USD $2621 to 3495

New York – Paris – Athens – Bangkok – Singapore – Brisbane –overland to Sydney – New York

RTW AirTravel including Australia for less than $4000

Didn’t think you could include Australia in your RTW for less than 4 grand? This RTW route gives you a chance to sojourn in Europe, followed by a taste of the Malay peninsula and life down under.

Cost: USD $1852 to 2470

New York – Marrakesh – Rome – Dubai – Istanbul – Delhi – overland to Kathmandu – Kuala Lumpur – Bali – Taipei – San Francisco – New York

10 stop RTW Route for under $4000

This seemingly simple RTW includes 10 stops for under $4000. With a trek to Nepal! Never underestimate the transformative powers of the Himalayas.

Cost: USD $2589 to 3452

Whatever your budget is for your RTW tickets, have no fear, our Personal Travel Consultants are pros at working around a dollar amount. They’re also experienced travelers that can advise you on what stops are worth a splurge, and what destinations you might be better off skipping to save on your airfare. Take the first step and use TripPlanner to find a trip that fits  your budget!

For more reasonably priced and sensible RTW Routes check out the following:

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