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Moscow Airport Lets You Dream in a Private Sleepbox

Airports have never been what you would call havens of peace and tranquility (need I mention the 20 excruciating hours I once took up residence on the industrial epoxy of the Dubai Airport floor?) but it does sometimes come to pass on an extended round-the-world trip that you’ll find yourself weary and without money or time to spend on a proper airport hotel.

The tide has begun to turn. Starting in Delhi last year, airports have begun to realize that there may be some profit to be made from these weary, hollow-eyed masses searching for an un-trafficked corner in which to sleep.

Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport, the smaller of the two Moscow airports, is next to take the sleeping cabin challenge. They’ve recently installed the Sleepbox, and yes, it looks delicious.

Because what more does a person need than a bed in a box to sleep, especially when the design is so gorgeous. Strictly utilitarian, these miniature bedrooms have only what you need to pass out: a bed (made of polymer foam and “pulp tissue”), a nightstand, a desk, an LCD TV and best of all, free WiFi, enabling you to do whatever you do with your laptop before you drift off to sleep. Okay, so no bathrooms but the sheets do change themselves, so there’s that.

Sleepbox, a Russian company based in Moscow, manufactures these little beauties and at 9,700 USD they claim the investment will pay for itself in 6 – 9 months, if you happen to be a train station or an airport. If not, pack one of these babies into your backyard for a dreamy vacation from the screaming kids.

No word as yet on the hourly rates for the Sleepbox, but here’s their promo video. Dream a little dream of one of these being installed at your favorite hated layover airport.

Here’s a short video of the Sheremetyevo Sleepbox in its natural habitat.

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