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Reinvent Your Life Through Travel

Travel is a means of exploring the world and also exploring our hearts, minds, and souls. At AirTreks, we believe so strongly in the transformative power of travel, we’ve made it our mission to make travel more easily accessible for all who are inclined to take flight and step out into the world.

There is a great sort of therapy and personal transformation that happens when people hop a flight and touch down in places unknown to see, hear, smell, and taste the beautiful culture of a place that is unfamiliar to them.

reinvent your life through travel

Life has a way of moving at a rapid pace. As humans, our minds are wired to obsessively flip flop between the past and the future, more often than not, skipping right over the present. But when you find yourself in navigating a foreign country using unfamiliar language, you are forced to live in the present moment. When you experience the beauty of nature, a world wonder, an intricate historical monument, a winding cobblestoned alley, or any sight or scene that stops you in your tracks, you are living right now.

Living in “The Present Moment” is something you hear everywhere nowadays. It’s almost becoming an easy-to-skip-over modern cliché. But there is so much power in it and here’s why we think so: the future is not here yet and the past is already over. We have to deal with things and experience things that are happening right now. It is the only tangible slice of time that we have. Transformation, healing, and growing are possible when we accept this and commit to trying it on for size.

If you’ve arrived to this blog, then maybe drastic reinvention through travel speaks directly to you.

Maybe you’re considering a life change, a transformation, a mix up with the monotony of your normal day-to-day. Maybe you’re sick of living the American Dream. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or you’ve recently gone through a break up or separation of sorts. Maybe you’re looking for a way to better connect with yourself and the people around you. Whatever your reason, if you feel the need to hit reset with your life, then we encourage you to follow your heart and spend a little time following the steps below. This will be the start to your journey.

1. Write it down.

What changes do you wish to see in yourself? Why would travel help bridge the gap to making these changes?
It’s human nature to get stuck in our own stories. Our lives are shaped by a series of stories that we tell ourselves. This exercise is an opportunity to disrupt our plot lines and ask ourselves some hard questions. Here are some writing prompts to get you started:

– What is your reason for waking up in the morning?
– What do you love about yourself?
– What don’t you love about yourself?
– If you had one year to live, what would you do with that year?
– What’s something you think about often, but never say out loud?
– What change do you want most for yourself?
– What are your greatest strengths?
– What strengths do you wish to build upon?
– What stories do you hope to tell after traveling around the world?
– What is holding you back from casting off into the world?

2. Plot your route.

Here are some questions to help you decide on your destinations:
Which places in the world have always peaked your interest?

Which destinations would help you accomplish your goals for change? Maybe India for example, because you’ve always wanted to practice meditation there. Or maybe Peru is high on your list because you want to learn to surf and Lima is where surfing originated.

How much time do you have to travel? Consider how much time you would need in each destination to accomplish your goals.

Once you have your list, you can play around with our Trip Planner Tool and submit your ideal route. Our expert travel planners can work with you to create a trip that satisfies your budget and the time you’re able to allot to traveling. They’re all travelers themselves, so they’ll have tips on top spots to satisfy your travel goals and they can move around dates to help you find a price that’s right for you.

3. Keep an open mind and say yes to opportunities along the way.

Once you’ve committed to your fight path. You’re on your way towards your adventure! It’s easy to get into planning mode, but remember to keep an open mind. There will be many opportunities that pop up along your journey that you hadn’t pre-planned. Go forward with an open mind and you’ll be amazed at what might unfold for you.

4. Take your changes home with you.

The most important, and often overlooked, piece of the puzzle. Once you return home, it’s important to integrate your travels into your regular life.
Make time to reflect. Whether it’s 15-20 minutes at the beginning of end of your day. Take this time to journal. The goal is to continue your self-discovery practice. It’s amazing what will surface when you have a little time and space from your trip.

Share your new discoveries and learnings with your family and friends. Saying these changes out loud has great power and will help you stick to your new values.

Edit the look and feel of your home base. Having visual reminders of your transformative journey will help you stay on track. 

5. BONUS! Use your reinvention through travel to influence the world around you.

Help others to have their own transformative experience. Whether you share this blog, or write your own; there is great power in passing on this idea.

If you’ve had an around the world travel experience already, or you plan on having one, reach out to us. We’d love to hear what you’ve learned and maybe even share your story on the AirTreks blog!

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