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An Easy 3-step Process to Book an Around the World Ticket

If you’re in the process of buying plane tickets for a custom around the world or multi-stop trip you may have discovered how complicated it can be. You might have to deal with multiple retailers, often overseas, navigate confusing airline rules and restrictions, not to mention having to worry about whether or not you’re getting the best trip for your money.

AirTreks is in the business of taking the complexity out of the equation, allowing you to sidestep all those roadblocks and get on to what you really want to do, travel. Over the years AirTreks has streamlined the process of booking complex travel and made it an extremely simple and enjoyable thing to do.

Booking a ticket with AirTreks is as simple as:


Design your route with TripPlanner and submit it.


Revise your itinerary with a Personal Travel Consultant.


Buy your tickets!


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