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Student Travel Around the World Tickets Are Golden Right Now!

It’s a great time to be traveling the world on an AirTreks around the world ticket, especially for students! Recently our student fare provider has come through with some seriously incredible student rates on a cool selection of popular routes.

If you’re a student and are looking to do an around the world trip this summer or fall (who isn’t?) and would love a discounted rate, read on. Using some (or all!) of the following cities, you’ll be able to grab a much cheaper ticket than you thought possible.

These routes are on sale:

  • Between Johannesburg and
    • Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Nairobi
  • Between Sydney or Auckland and
    • Santiago, Buenos Aires
  • Between Los Angeles and
    • Sydney, Auckland, Fiji
  • Between London and
    • Bangkok, Auckland, Sao Paolo

A trip using these flights would look something like this (route can  be traveled in either direction):

Or how about this:

Add a few side trips locally and you have a pretty great way to spend a few months out on the road!

Note: New York can be modified with virtually any city in the US for very little price difference.

Even you don’t want to visit most of these cities, adding just one will bring down the price of a student ticket substantially. Definitely give our personal travel consultants a call, they should be able to fit that golden leg into a bigger trip.

Where are the prices?

That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked! Prices vary so dramatically depending on when and where you travel, it would be silly to try and list them all here, not to mention really really boring for you to try and piece through them all. Our Personal Travel Consultants do all that for you. Prices are calculated using the specific route you choose, then returned to by email or phone. As sweet as you please.

How do you do it?

Just submit a trip via our TripPlanner tool using one of the above routes, or one of your own, making dutifully sure to tell your agent you’re a student by putting that in the notes field in your submission.

Teachers and travelers aged 25 and under are eligible too!

Your agent will calculate a rate using our special student fares and email you back a quote with those fares applied. If you’re a student just submit a trip and someone will get back to you within a business day with a special student fare quote! (You’ll need to be able to provide a student ID card to get the rate.)

Simple. GOLDEN.

Even if you’ve recently graduated you can still take advantage of these discounts. Ask your travel consultant for more information.

And by the way, if you’re a recent grad and wondering how to do your post-bac travel, you may want to read this article all about trip planning for recent college graduates. It’ll give you a bunch of ideas. We also have a guide to the basics of planning the ultimate gap year. 

We know as a student you may not have all the money in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do that around the world or multi-stop trip you’re furiously trying to make work.

Book your ticket with AirTreks this summer make it happen, guys!

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