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And the Best Around the World Ticket Cost Tool on the Web Is…

Trying to hash out a big around the world trip is serious business. One Google search reveals pages upon pages with which to research, plan, and pull your hair out.

If you’re looking to simply nail down a travel budget, to just get a get price for your around the world ticket, right now, there is no better place to do it than with TripPlanner, AirTreks’ around the world ticket cost tool.

Knowing what’s available out there (we know) it’s our opinion that not much comes close to TripPlanner in several areas.

Each new service (live or automated) claims their own dominance of ease, each makes big promises, but only TripPlanner delivers with a quick and immediate price range to do your best budget planning right away, without having to register, without having to muck around with entering dates for every stop, without having to to abide by specific rules, or wait interminable seconds for your browser to catch up with your brain.

Since 1998, TripPlanner has been helping travelers plan seriously crazy trips. Anytime, anywhere, in any direction, without rule restrictions or select standard routes. And it’s lightning fast to boot.

TripPlanner launch


TripPlanner can price trips starting and ending anywhere in the world (not just the USA) in any order, combination or complexity. It allows you to add surface segments, to use a train, bus, camel or a kayak to get between places on your map, TripPlanner calculates this price.

Getting prices from TripPlanner is easy – here’s how:

Choose your cities

Use the map to select which cities you’re interested in visiting on your strip. You can get short city descriptions, mix and match places, omit and insert, choose layovers and overland legs, whichever helps to bring the price down.

Choose your cities

Get your prices

Next step is clicking on Get Prices. This will bring back a price range inside of which your final trip price should fall. Why a price range? Here’s why.

Get prices
Price range

Trip didn’t fit your budget? Don’t worry. You can easily go back and edit your route. TripPlanner is free and unlimited, 24 hours a day.

If you don’t know whether what you’ve put together is the best option, you’ll be able to chat with a personal travel consultant before you spend a dime, just so you know you didn’t miss anything. By the way, the automated services absolutely do not give you this kind piece of mind.

Enter your details

Next step is to fill out your vitals. This is so your travel consultant can get back to you to hammer your trip into shape. You’ll hear from them within ONE BUSINESS DAY.

Step one details
Step two details

Submit your trip

All that is left to do is wait for the call (or email). Each member of our staff is an expert in getting the greatest trips with the most value. This is all they do, and they’ll work with you until you’re totally happy with your final price and shape of your itinerary.

This image is what it you see after you submit your trip. Send this page to your friends (for bragging rights), to your family (as notification), to traveling companions (to get them excited too) or yourself (for reference). Expect a call or an email from your personal travel consultant within 24 business hours so they can get your exact price to you as soon as possible.

TripPlanner is the simplest, quickest way to get prices for your complex trip, as stated above.

In a simple five steps you’re logging budget prices and starting the process of getting your dream around the world ticket. No fuss, no muss. And so fast you won’t believe it.

Thanks for choosing AirTreks to be your travel enabler!

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