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The Family Travel Experience

World traveler, Daniel Gamber found family travel to be the most rewarding experience of all. Daniel has been helping people travel around the world for over 20 years. At a young age, he was fortunate enough to take a trip to Hong Kong with his parents. This trip sparked his wanderlust and soon after he decided to set off as a solo traveler. He spent subsequent trips exploring a variety of countries with good friends and companions. His most memorable journeys have been traveling to five continents with his wife and two children.

We sat down with Daniel to learn more about his desire to bring his kids around the world with him and why he believes it’s so important for a family to travel together.

When did the idea of taking a round the world trip first come up for you and your family?

My wife Sarah and I had both traveled extensively before having a family, so we always knew we would find a way to do it with them. We had met families on the road through our travels and we were convinced it could be done and had to be done with our family.

Was there a moment you decided you wanted to take your kids around the world?

As the children got older we decided we wanted them to be old enough to remember the experience and young enough to still want to hold our hands.

What are the destinations of your trip?

Rome, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Jordan, Dubai, India, Seychelles, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Paris, Colombia and Ecuador.

Why did you decide on this route?

Some stops were requested by the kids and most were places Sarah and I had never been but wanted to go.

What has been your favorite destination thus far and why?

I never have favorite destinations, since they are all so different. I do have locations on every trip that are pleasant surprises, on that one it was Jordan and Namibia. I think the places that end up being better than you expect always stand out. The landscapes in both those countries were truly memorable.

Has there been a travel moment – big or small – that changed you and the way you and your family see the world?

Our children realized soon into our travels that speaking more than one language was beneficial. They embraced learning a little bit in each country. The friends they met who spoke multiple languages inspired them for our next adventure… living abroad in Spain. They now consider themselves bilingual.

Why do you believe that experiencing the world is important for your family?

Because there is nothing more important for a family than to share experiences. Food, art, music, language, nature, dance, and relationships. With travel, you get it all.

What would your advice be to another family that’s considering taking off to travel the world?

Decide to do it, include your kids in the planning, spend time exploring different routes with the AirTreks Trip Planner app and read this post on how to travel with kids!

If you’re interested in learning more about Daniel’s adventures around the world, check out his family’s website to see all the places on earth they’ve covered so far.

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