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The Middle East

Thinking of going somewhere incredibly unique and memorable this year? An unforgettable journey through the Middle East certainly could be the trip of a life time. While the media continues to shed a dimmer light on a small portion of this fairly large region AirTreks would like to illuminate its beauty and many captivating qualities that seem to get lost in the mix. We continue to send travelers to many of its inviting destinations who yearn to experience the multitude of diversities and grand historical occurrences.

This particular trip departs from New York, Chicago, or Boston, but keep in mind that any of our trips are customizable to better suit the needs of our travelers. One of the major benefits we offer is that we do not restrict people to a set route or a specific mileage pattern for their exploration of the world. You should have the say in going to the places you truly want to see.


The Middle East is primarily arid and semi-arid, with grasslands, rangelands and deserts, and the Nile and Euphrates act as the major rivers that provide sources for irrigation water to support agriculture and continuous human habitation. Europe and the Middle East are bridged by way of Turkey, and unlike any other place in the world, Turkey embodies elements from the Middle East and beyond. It has heavy influences from Eastern Europe, is often referred to as Asia Minor because of its strategic location on the peninsula of Western Asia, Anatolia, and is bound by three major seas – the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. One can experience past relics from the legendary walls of Troy, the empires of Roman and Ottoman rulings, and the glories of Imperial Istanbul while savoring in one of the many relaxing Turkish baths. This former Ottoman Empire capital lies at the crossroads of the East and West and is a perfect spot for a little travel magic.


Just south beyond the island of Cyprus and across the Mediterranean Sea, luminary leaders Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte once planted their strongholds on the ancient civilization of Egypt. The mysteries of this country have drawn numerous adventurers akin to Thomas Cook, and it continues to lure the curious while engaging them into the many unsolved obscurities. The pyramids of Giza Necropolis near Cairo are more massive and overwhelming than one can imagine and the correlations between the three pyramids and the constellation of Orionare mystifying. Theories of how they were constructed and why the Pharaoh’s were so precise in their design have kept people wondering for thousands of years.

Tel Aviv

Just northeast from Cairo, Tel Aviv (otherwise known as “Hill of Spring”), has been through waves of growth spurts, and the area continues to develop a thriving Israeli metropolis. At times, “the city that doesn’t stop” will make you second guess the time. During the summer months it is not uncommon to witness a bustling beach at 5am. Let Tel Aviv and the other major Mediterranean coastal cities of Gush Dan awaken your inner spirit and catapult you from ancient to modern times.

Airtreks makes every effort to meet the needs for all travelers, and we value each opportunity to help make life-changing trips a reality. Creating custom trips are what we do best. To map your own around-the-world or multi-stop international trip please go to our website and launch TripPlanner to embark on your next step towards taking that magical journey, or call one of our Personal Travel Consultants at 1-877-AIRTREKS (+1.415.977.7100 outside North America).

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