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The Steps of the Booking Process – Simple as One-Two-Three

While the idea of taking an around the world trip may seem complicated, the actual booking process isn’t nearly as daunting. It really is as simple as one-two-three.

Here are the are 3 simple steps in a standard AirTreks booking sequence. By the end, you should have an amazing trip you can be proud of.

1.  Visit Trip Planner – arrange your most desired RTW or multi-stop itinerary in the Trip Planner application on our homepage. Each route you enter will give  you a price range. Feel free to explore various iterations until you find one that best encompasses your picture-perfect vision and fits into your airline ticket budget.

Once you have the most desired trip ready you can do one of two things:

Submit the trip from Trip Planner (follow the prompts).

Call in to initiate the process with a live travel consultant (1-800-AIRTREKS).

Both these methods are acceptable. If you submit your trip over the website, a travel consultant will typically get back to you by phone in 24 – 48 hours to go over your outline.

2. Hone your itinerary – once you’ve made the first step and submitted a trip, this is your opportunity to get it exactly as you want. Work with your personal travel consultant as much as you need to. Take the time to ask questions about your destinations, route, the AirTreks product and/or the company in general.

3. Book your tickets over the phone – After you’ve spent some time with refining your itinerary, give yourself a hand, it’s time to book the tickets!

When everything is good to go, let your travel consultant know you’re ready by emailing or calling in with your complete passport names and final dates for each leg. Once you request a booking, full payment will be due simultaneously, either online or over the phone.

A note on deadlines – the payment deadline your travel consultant gives is set in order to keep your flights from canceling once they are confirmed. The computer reservation system automatically cancels flights that are not immediately ticketed. Unfortunately, specific flights cannot be guaranteed without full payment.

Happy Booking!

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