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The Ultimate List of Travel Accessories

The right travel accessories: eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, or neck pillow could be the difference between touching down and feeling fresh and ready to hit the ground running OR feeling exhausted and beat down. All it takes is one big game-changing item to realize how impactful your travel gear can be.

Stay ahead of jet lag with this list of travel accessories our travel experts curated for you!

Portable Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Cost: $7

Prevent additional charges at the airport for oversized/ overweight luggage. Souvenirs are great and all, but those extra fees can pack a punch. Compact and easy to pack. You’ll want these little ninja to keep you in the know.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra Headphones

Cost: $80

Deep, rich sound across a wide frequency range. These Bose are noise canceling and worth every penny. Whether you’re snoozing off to sleep sounds, or rocking out to your favorite beats, you’re sure to sound out that guy snoring next to you.

Headphone Splitter

Cost: $6.5

There’s nothing worse than sitting next to a friend while they watch a movie, tv show, or listen to music that you want to experience along with them, but you can’t because there’s only one headphone jack. Avoid FOMO, and stay connected with this headphone splitter.

Mack’s Earplugs

Cost: $8.5

If you prefer the silence of your own thoughts and not the thoughts of your neighbors or the screaming baby two rows behind you, plug in with these originals. Sleep and silence for under $9? Worth it.

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask

Cost: $16

This ultra lightweight contoured mask allows you to catch some Zs in complete comfort, which makes it one of our favorite travel accessories out there. This product serves its purpose well beyond the flight; block out those morning rays or the night lights outside of your hotel or Airbnb.

Ostrich Pillow Go Travel

Cost: $60

How many times have you made an impulsive purchase at the airport moments before boarding your red eye, only to be disappointed with an awkwardly shaped bean bag for your neck? Stop spending $25 here on last minute neck pillows and sleep in style with the Ostrich Pillow Go Travel. High density memory foam with 360º natural ergonomic neck support, this product is what dreams are made from.

Gray UltraLight Water Filter

Cost: $60

Think of all the money you’d save on plastic water bottles, if you invested in a reusable instead? This isn’t just any water bottle, this is the one you want to bring around the world with you. This award winning design makes clean, purified drinking water in only 15 seconds from virtually any fresh water source in the world, removing 99.9999% of viruses. Fill. Press. Drink.

Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

Cost: $25

Not just for the active traveler, these compression socks will change the way you fly. Improve blood flow and circulation, and avoid cramping and swelling the next time you fly.

Microfiber Fast Drying Travel

Cost: $12

Everyone that travels frequently or for long bouts of time, should have a travel towel. We like this one because it drys three times faster than traditional towels. It’s lightweight, compact, and just right for traveling the world.

Kindle Paperwhite

Cost: $129

If you haven’t jumped on the Kindle train, you really should consider it. If you’re a lover  of the printed page, we totally get it. But why carry all the extra weight? If you’re committing to a nomad lifestyle, then consider committing to the kindle as well.

Cannon T6 Rebel

Cost: $449

If you’re an aspiring travel photographer, this is a great camera to get started with. It comes with all standard canon supplied accessories and a one year warranty. Download your photos straight to your phone with a wifi connection!

USB Power Bank

Cost: $31

This USB portable charger more than pays for itself. Whether you’re exploring. new city, out on the town, hiking a mountain, you’re going to want to have a fully charged phone and then a fully charged back up. Travel smart and travel with this little guy.

Huawei 3G Mobile Hotspot

Cost: $82

If you’re setting off to digital nomad around the world, this hotspot will be your lifeline. Just pop in a local SIM card and you’ll never have to worry about finding a perfect coworking space or café to connect with your company. At the very least, get this item for peace of mind.

Travelon Worldwide Adapter

Cost: $19

If you’re traveling to a new country or multiple countries make sure you bring this adapter with you! We like this one because it’s comparable in 150 different countries around the world.

Vintage Leather Canvas Travel Toiletry Bag

Cost: $15

This toiletry bag will go the distance; a high density, washed canvas bag with tight stitching and sturdy metal zipper. It has a shaving dopp kit. Durable and highly recommended if you’re traveling often.

Space Saver Bags Vacuum Storage Bags

Cost: $15

Debating carrying on or checking in? Go the quicker route and carry on! Pack efficiently with these vacuum space saver bags. Don’t worry you won’t need a vacuum to suck the air out of these. Just add the pump to your purchase and you’re good to go with packing on both ends of your trip.

Packing Cube Luggage Organizers

Cost: $43

Pack more clothing into less space with these stylish, wrinkle-free packing cubes, one of the most essential travel accessories out there! Clothing can be seen through inspection, so you’re all set if you’re carrying on. Leave organized for your trip and arrive organized.

Airplane Memory Foam Footrest

Cost: $25

If you’re looking for that first class feeling in economy class, try this memory foam footrest. We’re all familiar with the pang you get when you hit the 3 hour mark on the plane — you need to put your legs somewhere other than the ground in front of you. This piece can strap onto the seat in front of you and serves as the perfect resting point for your feet.

Accessories Gadget Big Bag

Cost: $29

A bag to hold all of your tech gadgets. Store your usb cords, cables, external hard drive, flashdrive, basic first aid items, scissors, makeup, passport ,memory cards, mini cameras, smartphones.

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