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The Universal Packing List

One thing that is common to all travelers, no matter from what income level, traveling style or country they come, is a need to pack their stuff. In honor of Christmas here’s a gift for those that hate to pack. The Universal Packing List is a tool that will assemble a checklist based on the details of your particular trip.

It allows you to check off specific criteria such as dates, gender, accommodation type, activities, whether you’ll be traveling with children, what transportation mode you’ll be using and bag type, and assemble a packing list to suit the criteria.

The tool itself isn’t the most beautiful thing to look at (see below) but it gets the job done, giving you a great customized checklist of things you need to do before you leave and what to take based on your own personal trip.

Some of the list items are quaintly outdated (a cassette player as a music option) but the checklist is fairly comprehensive and a nice touch when other packing lists fail to slant toward your particular needs and method of traveling.

Take it for a trial run!

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