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Traveling through South America

The recent global campaign for the world’s New 7 Wonders proved successful for both Mexico and South America. Mexico’s Chichen Itza was high on the list of many voters while Brazil’s Christ Redeemer statue and Peru’s Machu Picchu represented the two winners from South America. This month we feature a trip to South America that offers so much in terms of cultural history, and architectural and natural beauty, that a visit there puts us right into times of past centuries. And if that’s not enough the region is still really affordable, giving your overall travel dollar room to breath and more time to relax while you experience the local ways of living.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has always been a destination people flock to. Recent AirTreks travelers Amanda, Jen and Holly of the Lost Girls phenomenon declare,

“after seven weeks spent journeying through stratospheric Andean highs and deep green Amazon lows, we were bummed to leave Peru and Bolivia behind, but thrilled to hop a flight to one of the world’s largest and most sensual countries: Brazil.”

Rio is perhaps best known for the mayhem that surrounds the world’s largest street party, Carnival, which officially kicks off Saturday, February 2, 2008. The party is amazing and the good vibes from the people continue to flow long after the euphoric parade ends. Buffet cafes will sooth the tummy and help invigorate a jolt of energy to propel oneself to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain for many breathtaking views.


Not far is Buenos Aires, Argentina, where one can find comfort in award winning wines and scrumptious foods like grass fed beef that’s high in heart friendly essential fatty acids yet low in the harmful fats. The cuisine has a strong resemblance to French, Italian and Spanish cooking. Divided into many barrios, there are special personalities in each one; Recoleta has a European feel and opulence of many elegant restaurants and upper class homes; San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods where a weekend market gathers every Saturday and Sunday at the oldest square in Buenos Aires; the artist colony and Italian built La Boca has a collection of colorful art and buildings always on display; El Centro’s many sub-areas, Palermo Viejo’s hip and young appeal, and the colossal area of Palermo Park features a rose and Japanese garden, beautiful lakes and much more lush layout.


Taking the western route to Santiago, Chile, opens the doors to a delightfully long and narrow land that contains an adequate amount of mountains, beaches, geysers, volcanoes and forests, giving you a sense of what you will see while traveling around the world. All of this adds to the tremendous value of traveling in South America. The best time to go to the center of Chile is September through November when fertile spring sprawls the land. And to make this journey even more memorable take a side trip to Easter Island and wander along its cliffs and through its pastures while being mesmerized by the massive Moai statues.


Finally there is Lima, Peru, which is another great stop that gets us close to Machu Picchu. Peru’s incredibly rich and convincing archeological heritage and mysterious fabled lost cities make traveling there all the worth while. The well-preserved houses and terraces are a testament to the advanced engineering and building techniques of the Incas. Kind Peruvian culture makes for good travel memories and an unforgettable end to this magical journey.

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