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Vancouver bound! The TBEX Weekend

If travel blogging has done anything, it was to develop a tight-knit community keen on documenting and sharing their travel chops with the world. This weekend your friendly neighborhood AirTreks blogger, that’d be me, will be up in Vancouver, BC to attend the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference, more commonly known as Tbex, or if you’re on Twitter, #TBEX, listening in and taking part. The Travel Bloggers Exchange website is a natural manifestation of the travel blogging online community, whose conference will allow these nice people, normally spread out all over the globe, to come together in one cozy little place.

In what’s only their 3rd year of existence Tbex has grown to be one of the preeminent gatherings for travel bloggers, industry professionals, writers and general travel enthusiasts in the world. On Friday, well over 500 laptop toters, shutterbugs and traveling wordsmiths will be arriving from great distances to participate, and much schmoozing will ensue.

For me the event means the chance to meet some of the people I know only through their writing style and/or Twitter handle, finally getting the opportunity to speak in more than 140 character statements and basically communing in a way that only face to face contact allows. Which is thrilling to no end.

The conference also means speakers, panels and the imparting of knowledge by those with specialized skillsets. I’ll be keeping my ears wide for information that can benefit the readers of the AirTreks Travel Blog and the AirTreks social community in general.

If you happen to be at Tbex, please stop and say hi.

I’ll be back with updates to these pages when I return, hopefully ripe with guidance on how to make the user experience better for everyone who visits.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

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