Take your Kids Traveling – Surviving the Destination

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve been featuring advice from popular family travel bloggers, providing quotes for parents and parents-to-be that their ostensible anxiety about combining little ones and travel isn’t as much to worry about as they might have thought. Today’s post is no different, but this time we focus on what to do once you get where you’re going, as opposed to last week’s what to do while you’re on your way there.

Amie, the wordsmith behind one of my favorite family travel blogs Caio Bambino, says not to worry:

There’s no reason to fear traveling internationally with kids. The key is keep logistics to a minimum, particularly with young children, plus plan accommodations and services meticulously using recommended, reliable resources from friends and/or family-focused trusted online resources.

Kids needs change as they get older — it becomes less about how avert disaster with well-equipped accommodations and more about how to keep them entertained and engaged.

Kids love traveling! Source: Modernkiddo.com

Marina from Travel Experta, has a thoughtful idea:

Traveling with babies can be challenging on many levels. What I find a bit tough is making sure that my eight year old and my two year old can share and experience similar adventures. Since babies can’t do a lot of the really cool stuff, we always look for what the whole family can do together.

On our last trip to Belize, while staying on the Cayes, we rented bikes. This way my oldest can burn his energy and go nuts and the baby sits calmly enjoying the world around him while we explore and have a blast together!

Both Caio Bambino and Travel Experta are both smart places to do your research when planning a trip with your kids and come highly recommended.

Our Take Your Kids Traveling series was created for people who are wondering how they can continue to feed their travel habit without having to permanently “drop their kids off at the day care center”. Look for more quotes and tips in this series in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any tips of your own about how you survive the byways with your little ones, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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